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Man steals $2,400 worth of OxyContin at pharmacy

CLEARFIELD — A man who claims he was down on his luck stole five bottles of OxyContin Friday but was later arrested.

The 18-year-old approached the counter at Winegar's, 1080 W. 300 North, just after 4 p.m. and demanded all of the OxyContin, according to a statement from Clearfield Police Assistant Chief Greg Krusi. He said the robber mentioned he had a weapon but no weapon was displayed.

He was given five bottles, containing about 475 pills with an estimated street value of $2,400, Krusi said.

Shortly after reviewing video surveillance of the pharmacy, Krusi said, officers were able to identify the man and he was found near 1300 West and 300 North, in possession of the drugs he had just stolen.

The man was arrested and booked into the Davis County Jail for investigation of aggravated robbery, a first-degree offense. Krusi said the man told officers that he committed the robbery because he has outstanding debts and a drug problem.