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Teach kids to watch for cars

I appreciate the comments by Wendy Fales (Readers' Forum, Nov. 4) regarding a 15 mph speed limit in school zones. While stationed in Texas in the Army, the school zones I saw had a posted speed limit of 15 mph with an additional sign that said "No Passing."

This is all fine, but I have a question. What are we teaching our children? Are we teaching them that cars will always go slow around them regardless of where they are? Are we teaching them that cars will always look out for them and that they can just run out into the street and cars will stop?

Unless a child is taught to watch out for traffic in all situations, the child has been filled with false security. Children run into the street without thinking. We need to drive carefully around children, but they need to be taught safety, too.

Bryant Larsen

Salt Lake City