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Parkway can be both good, bad

When you think of Legacy Parkway, you either think it will destroy the environment or will promote Utah's traffic in a safer way. Both sides are correct. It will harm the environment in some ways, but one way or another people will come to Utah and we need a road like Legacy.

Having a road go through the Great Salt Lake wetlands is a major concern. Millions of birds use the land as a breeding ground. The road will also be cutting through some farmlands, causing them to disappear. Air pollution will increase.

On the positive side, Legacy will make I-15 less crowded. In 1996 Gov. Mike Leavitt said, "As Utah continues to grow, the need for an alternative route through our busiest area becomes apparent." This is true whether it is Legacy Highway or a different road.

Do we need Legacy now, or should we wait? This is not one person's choice, but the choice of all Utahns.

Evyn Clark

Salt Lake City