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Layton bans Dumpster scavenging

LAYTON (AP) — As a move against identity theft, the City Council has outlawed "Dumpster diving."

The Council unanimously approved the ordinance during its Thursday meeting based on the recommendation of the city's legal counsel.

City Attorney Gary Crane said the ordinance, which prohibits people from scavenging through other people's garbage, is similar to an ordinance adopted in Orem.

It does not apply to police, trash collectors and or the owners, who may have to go through the garbage if they mistakenly throw something away.

The ordinance gives police a proactive investigative tool, said Layton Assistant Chief Craig Gibson.

"In Layton, we do not see a lot of (identity theft), but we do see some," he said.

The ordinance gives police the authority to investigate a potential theft in the process, rather having to wait before reacting to it, he said.

The ordinance takes effect immediately.