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Delta to put off until Monday its report on the 3rd quarter

ATLANTA (AP) — Delta Air Lines Inc., which filed for bankruptcy protection on Sept. 14, said Tuesday it is delaying the release of its third-quarter results for another five days.

The nation's third-largest carrier, which normally would have reported its results for the July-September period in late October, had planned to release its results today. But in a brief statement later, the company said it will report results on Thursday and then release its quarterly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.

Spokeswoman Chris Kelly said the reason for the delay was that Atlanta-based Delta's Chapter 11 filing significantly affected its planned disclosures for the quarter ended Sept. 30.

Delta also said it has been involved in talks with creditors, financial institutions, its employees and others related to the bankruptcy filing.

Delta has lost nearly $10 billion since January 2001, and more losses are expected in the third quarter.