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Police scour Provo River, fail to find missing man

Sitha Say not seen in 3 weeks; his belongings found on shore

PROVO — Police are still looking for a missing Provo man after searches of the Provo River on Monday and Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Sitha Say, 22, has been missing for about three weeks. A missing person's report was filed with the Provo Police Department on Oct. 22 after Say's parents hadn't seen him in "three or four days," said Provo Police Lt. Jerry Harper.

Say's car was later found in the Provo River Trail parking on Boat Harbor Drive.

On Monday, a bag of Say's belongings was found on the shore of the river, sparking a more intensive search Monday evening and Tuesday.

"We completed a search of the river area (Tuesday afternoon) and came out with nothing," Harper said.

The Utah County Sheriff's search-and-rescue team and four Utah Lake State Park rangers assisted with the search.

"After finding his car, we decided to walk the riverbank and see what we could see," Harper said. "While we were down there, the park rangers volunteered their help. They're the ones who found his stuff on the riverbank."

About 150 yards of the river near the parking lot was searched using a two-man watercraft supplied by the park rangers.

"You have a whole different perspective when you're on the the water than when you're on the shore," said Utah Lake State Park Manager Ty Hunter.

Say is described as 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He is not being sought by police as part of a criminal investigation, Harper said.

Say has a short criminal history of minor offenses, including unlawful possession of alcohol and failure to pay speeding tickets in a timely manner.

Anyone who has information about Say's whereabouts is encouraged to call police at (801) 852-6210.