The memorials along the roads can increase faith — not only in the God we choose to worship, but in our respect for humanity. Even when others believe differently, the crosses remind us to mourn with those who mourn.

Cammie Eagan

West Jordan

Nowhere has this atheist group demanded the abolition of religion. The issue is a simple matter of putting religion where it belongs — in the private sphere.

Darin Menlove

Castle Valley

I am a Christian who is quite uncomfortable with the cross as a religious symbol. If your son were killed by a shotgun, would you wear a shotgun symbol around your neck?

Jeff Porter


When only 1 percent of the population does not believe in some form of deity, why should the other 99 percent be forced to abstain from any public display of religion?

Chris Tyler


To everyone who has ranted during the past week about the public not having enough religion to see, I suggest you get a piece of poster board, get some markers, and make a sign for your front yard. But it will always be improper to display religious propaganda on government-owned property.

Amy Bjorge


I am the wife of trooper Daniel W. Harris, whose cross is in Parleys Canyon. I assured the UHP, when it installed the cross, that to me it was not religious in nature, but an international sign of respect for fallen heroes. Thankfully, Dan's cross is on private land. Dan used to say that in the world he would create, smokers wouldn't smell; the stench would come from hypocrites. American Atheists, you stink.

Andrea Harris Augenstein


I have known many of the 14 troopers who have died in the line of duty. All of the 14 died helping to ensure these people who want to dishonor them live in a safe and free society.

Clyde Ormond

West Jordan

As a police officer and a devout Christian, I am outraged that the few continue to force their hand on us. Do they dare let this issue go to the ballot? Of course not. They would lose. They take it through the back door of the courts, all the while spitting on the graves of men who were braver and better than they.

Carl Wimmer


Why are the godless so obsessed with destroying any reference to deity and country? What do they fear? You would think, with their obsession with crosses, that the blood of Dracula flows within their veins.

Monte Yeager

Salt Lake City

With tongue in cheek, I proffer that we remove all crosses from public land. It doesn't matter if they memorialize those who bravely and honorably gave their lives to ensure the peace and safety of my family.

Of course, I am talking about Arlington National Cemetery.

Chuck McCown

Lake Point

It is clear these people are less concerned about the law and more concerned about an opportunity to claw at something they hate: religion in general and Christianity in particular.

Dan McIntyre


The American Atheists do not represent the entire atheist community. Most of us believe this group is wrong in their opposition to the crosses. And the ACLU is not involved. The ACLU's stance does not advocate removal of public displays of religion.

Boyd Petrie

Salt Lake City

The fundamentalist Atheists are not finished. Their next suit will be to eliminate the lower case "t" from all government documents.

John F. Wuthrich

North Salt Lake