In an odd coincidence, two construction workers fell from roofs at two separate locations at almost exactly the same time Thursday.

About 12:30 p.m. a man in his 20s working on a roof near 11800 South and 4600 West slipped and fell off the two story house and into a stairwell, said Unified Fire Authority spokesman Jay Torgersen.

Making matters worse, the man fell into a stairwell that lead into the basement, he said.

The man lost consciousness for a short time. He was flown to a local hospital with head injuries in serious but stable condition.

While emergency crews were responding to that accident, they were also called to another construction site near 6600 South and 3500 West. A man in his 40s fell 20 feet off a scaffolding, hitting some of the scaffolding bars on the way down.

The man suffered a broken arm and a cut on his head, Torgersen said. He was also flown to a local hospital.