We have to admit we weren't thinking of snow. Not at first, anyway. A month ago, when we started dreaming of a white Christmas, we were envisioning candy. White candy. Divinity, we thought. Then, pretty soon, we started craving mints and spicy white gumdrops.

We thought of piling them high, all the pretty white candies, into a topiary. It was only later that we began to think of doves. And we sat down and began making new ornaments for our tree.

When we started our shopping, we saw stores filled with red. Green, too. We saw metallics — shiny gold and blue bracelets, shoes beaded in purple. We saw bright Western shirts embroidered with orange swirls. All very nice. But we didn't buy.

We held out for white. The calm color. The color of peace.

We want to wrap everyone we know in white this year. We want to buy sweaters and fleece and luxurious white cashmere.

Will we have a white, snowy Christmas? Who can say? In the meantime we have other satisfactions. So please make our hot chocolate with white chocolate this season. Please serve it in an ivory cup. And please, if it's possible, be generous with the whipped cream.

Design and crafts by Christie Jackson, Deseret Morning News

Snowflake pins are made with craft-store glass tree ornaments embellished with scrapbook snowflakes, pearl beads and pin backing.

The dove is crafted from a white Do Fun! foam sheet using the pattern below.

Scarf and gloves are extra soft knits for winter warmth. (JC Penney)

White tulips and fragrant lilies make an elegant holiday bouquet. (Roots)

Sip hot white chocolate with cream from a JL Coquet cup. (O.C. Tanner)

Gourmet white cake with butter cream frosting (or try seasonal peppermint cake). (JL Coquet plate from O.C. Tanner, cake from Cakes de Fleur.)

Sugary clouds of that favorite confection, divinity.

Make your own candy tree; all you need is a styrofoam cone and base, a dowel for a trunk, a hot glue gun and a splendid mix of candies and cake decorating pearls, a k a French Dragees.

Sparkly sequined snowflake sweater. (White House Black Market)

Dazzling frosted bead necklace. (Stein Mart)