A recent letter by Steven Yorgason (Readers' Forum, April 20) posited that the draft was necessary to prevent future war and stop this one. This stunning piece of logic was based on the fallacy that if supporters of this war had to pay the price, it would stop. It is a fallacy because this war is fought by volunteers. A volunteer is, by definition, someone who chooses to participate.

My father volunteered and served 20 years, including Korea in 1950 and two tours of Vietnam. I and my brother served during the Cold War and my brother during Desert Storm. Two of my sons have served. We all served because it was our duty. No one volunteers to be shot and wounded or killed. Mr. Yorgason has no logical response to the growth of democracy in the Middle East and Asia, which are the result of the current war, so he calls his opponents chicken. That is not very impressive.

Richard C. Coxson

Spanish Fork