FARMINGTON(AP) — The beer has been tapped out at Davis County FairPark.

The county will not renew its beer license for this year's fair and has stopped allowing alcohol altogether at even private functions.

"It doesn't look like we've ever recovered the costs of selling the alcohol," said Steve Baker, who oversees the county's risk-management team. "When you tabulate all the damage to our facilities and the cleanup required after these events, it doesn't add up."

Baker said alcohol revenue from 2004 was less than $4,000.

FairPark director Dave Hansen said he has seen an increase in property damage and other incidents since it began serving beer at some events.

"We looked at the risk you take when you sell beer, and it just wasn't worth the couple thousand dollars we were making," Hansen said.

The county first got the license in 2002 and has renewed it annually. The decision to keep the park dry is being reviewed by a county attorney and then will be presented to the commissioners. In the meantime, FairPark is operating as if the no-alcohol change is in effect.