HUMBOLDT, Kan. (AP) — Prosecutors brought a murder charge Wednesday against a 10-year-old boy who allegedly killed his father with a shotgun and then walked to a neighbor's doorstep and said, "I done something really bad."

Robert D. Hamlin, 42, was found dead Sunday night on the living room couch at his home near Humboldt. Sheriff's deputies found the boy a quarter-mile away with a 20-gauge shotgun.

The boy, whose name was not released, was charged as a juvenile and could be held until age 23 if convicted. Authorities are trying to determine the motive.

Carolyn Moore said the boy appeared at her door Sunday night after the shooting, clad only in his underwear and holding a shotgun.

"There stood this poor, scared half-naked little boy saying 'Help me, help me. Hide me. They're after me,"' Moore said. "I could see the fear in his eye. He said, 'They're going to get me and spank me hard.'

"The child said, 'I done something really bad,"' she said. "And I said, 'What did you do?' He said, 'I shot my dad."'