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S.L. targeting ‘monster’ homes

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The time of the "monster" home may be drawing to a close.

The Salt Lake City planning department is examining zoning rules to see if a new ordinance could curb the monster-home building that has caused grief for many residents.

"I hate it. It's just so out of place," Avenues resident Jill Mortenson said about a giant home that replaced a smaller one in her neighborhood.

Several monster homes have sprung up in Salt Lake City recently. Often times developers will tear down a smaller home and replace it with a towering residence that overshadows neighboring houses and that residents think looks out of character.

The City Council, in a 4-3 vote earlier this month, passed a temporary moratorium on teardowns and rebuilds and sought to adopt a new ordinance aimed at the problem. But that temporary moratorium was repealed after council chair Dale Lambert changed his vote.

Some officials, including Mayor Rocky Anderson, didn't like the proposal because it would have required people who want to tear down and rebuild to get permission from their neighbors.