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Bono sues to regain items from ex-stylist

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Bono wants his hat back. And his earrings. His sweatshirt, too.

Dublin-based rock band U2 went to court Tuesday to recover items from former stylist Lola Cashman, who has a range of memorabilia from her work on their 1987 Joshua Tree world tour.

Bono testified in Dublin Circuit Court that he was "saddened and disgusted" when Cashman tried in 2002 to auction off some of the items, including a cowboy hat, sweatshirt, pants and earrings that he wore during the tour.

U2's lawyers stopped the sale by telling a London auction house that the goods weren't Cashman's to sell. Cashman then filed a lawsuit against the band, alleging defamation of character.

Bono testified that the Stetson was a particular icon of U2's history.

When Cashman's senior lawyer in Dublin, Hugh Hartnett, suggested that U2-related items wouldn't have been considered iconic in the late 1980s, Bono quipped: "Oh no, we had delusions of grandeur from the very beginning."

Cashman, who testified after Bono left the courtroom, said the singer gave her the hat and earrings as gifts after a concert in Arizona in December 1987.

Cashman left the group in 1988 amid arguments over whether she had overcharged for expenses.