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Ute name issue is insane

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In regards to the NCAA and the University of Utah and the nickname Utes, it looks like the inmates are in charge of the asylum. If I remember, the U. has had to deal with this issue before.

Starting in 1968, the U. made an agreement with the Ute Tribe and obtained a letter of permission to use the Ute name with their athletic teams. The university had to give up certain items to obtain the tribe's permission. They were: no more use of an Indian on a horse; no student playing the part of the mascot Hoyo; no war chant drums or songs; and the school would give the Ute Tribe several scholarships a year. This was all accomplished, along with doing away with the nickname of Indians or Redskins.

Now along comes the NCAA and its attempts to extort the university with these ridiculous demands. By the way, this is a felony under both Utah and federal law. I hope that the school does not roll over for these demands.

There are 36 states with an Indian name; there are more than 2,500 cities with Indian names and several thousand special service districts with Indian names. Does the NCAA really want to take on three-fourths of the United States? Remember the name of the state of Utah was derived from this same Ute Tribe.

I hope that the attorney generals of these collective states take on these curmudgeons.

Ron Fullmer

criminologist and former Utah legislator

Cottonwood Heights