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Server, satellite LAN patented

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Ten new patents were awarded to Utah inventors on July 26, including:

Adapter for coupling a sensor to a fluid line. Brian Bischoff, Red Wing, Minn.; Robert Gooch, Orem. Assigned to Red Wing Technologies Inc., Minneapolis. Filed Jan. 9, 2002. Patent No. 6,920,795.

Manually actuated pump assembly. Michael G. Knickerbocker, St. George. Filed May 26, 2000. Patent No. 6,921,004.

Coupling for pipe including an inclined flange. Ajit Singh Gill, Salt Lake City. Filed May 28, 2003. Patent No. 6,921,115.

Coaxial seal for a pump. Joel Quinn, South Jordan. Assigned to Envirotech Pumpsystems Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed Feb. 11, 2003. Patent No. 6,921,245.

System and methods for reducing dust emissions. Chad J. Nielson and Lawrence G. Nielson, both of Provo. Filed Dec. 19, 2002. Patent No. 6,921,320.

Bioactive coating composition and methods. Paul O. Zamora, Gaithersburg, Md.; Ray Tsang, Salt Lake City; Shigemasa Osaki, Sandy. Assigned to BioSurface Engineering Technologies Inc., College Park, Md. Filed July 31, 2001, a continuation-in-part application of Patent No. 6,342,591, filed July 31, 2000, which is a continuation-in-part application of Patent No. 6,596,699, filed Sept. 20, 1999, which is a continuation of Patent No. 5,955,588, filed Sept. 22, 1998. Patent No. 6,921,811.

Method and system for asymmetric satellite communications for local area networks. Myron Mosbarger, Orem; John K. Thomasson, Sandy. Assigned to Helius Inc., Lindon. Filed March 26, 2001, a continuation of Application No. 09/746,438, filed Dec. 20, 2000, which is a continuation of Patent No. 6,205,473, filed Oct. 3, 1997. Patent No. 6,922,719.

Method and apparatus for managing server load. Thomas D. Freeman, South Jordan; Daniel Alec Gulkis, Pembroke Pines, Fla.; Bradley Jay Pedersen, Parkland, Fla. Assigned to Citrix Systems Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Filed May 8, 2000. Patent No. 6,922,724.

Method and system for fast forward error correction coding and decoding. LeRoy A. Gibson, Riverton; Roland R. Henrie, Provo; Delon K. Jones, West Bountiful. Assigned to L-3 Communications Corp., New York. Filed Nov. 13, 2001. Patent No. 6,922,806.

Protrusions on a belt. Kirk B. Newman, Sandy. Assigned to Crown American LLC, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Filed Aug. 15, 2003. Design Patent No. D507,692.

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