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This week in Church history

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Notes of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's singing echoed off the Teton Mountains as it performed in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Aug. 22-23, 1980, part of the Grand Teton Music Festival.

Described as "one of the headiest musical experiences imaginable," the choir performed the Brahms "German Requiem" for about 1,000 people a night.

In composing this requiem, "Brahms. . . selected scriptures dear to his own heart for his text — scriptures reflective of the Protestant hope of life beyond the grave, of reward for work well done," the article stated. "The choir's spiritual compatibility with the work showed on the members' faces as they sang, adding to their interpretive effectiveness."

The choir joined the festival orchestra and conductor Ling Tung (who is also musical director of the Hong Kong Symphony and the Philharmonia Orchestra of Philadelphia) to present the requiem.

"Maestro Tung approached us three years ago about going to Teton Village," said Brother Jerold Ottley, choir music director. "After investigation I was impressed with the quality of festival participants and the music they perform.

"Also I am always on the lookout for a time and place for the choir to do a major musical work such as the Brahms, which adds so much dimension to the singers' experience."

The article stated: "And the Jackson Hole area enjoyed not only a first-rate musical experience, but also the warmth generated when people of different backgrounds and persuasions cooperated in achieving a common goal."