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War was mistake from outset

SHARE War was mistake from outset

The long-overdue "tipping point" has finally arrived in which public opinion has irreversibly turned against the "preventive" war policies of President Bush. Newspapers, such as the Deseret Morning News, have published editorials and syndicated articles purportedly representing the "two sides" of the war debate. In fact, however, the two sides have argued about how to conduct the war, all the while agreeing that the invasion of Iraq was a good thing. They all seem to dismiss out of hand the suggestion that the war was a mistake from the outset.

Reasoned anti-war voices have been speaking out from all points along the political spectrum ever since 9/11. They have been drowned out by the mono-perspective of Fox News, along with the unrelenting drumbeat of talk radio and their sycophants. It's time to end the tedious debates between Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.

Steven E. Yorgason