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World datelines


LONDON — An Islamic group facing a government ban vowed Saturday to fight the move, while activists called a new crackdown aimed at religious extremists a threat to human rights. An opposition leader warned it could worsen alienation among Britain's Muslims.

LONDON — Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who quit Prime Minister Tony Blair's Cabinet in 2003 to protest the Iraq war, died Saturday after collapsing on a Scottish mountain while walking with his wife. He was 59.


TORONTO, Ontario — Investigators trying to determine why an Air France jet skidded off a runway into a ravine said Saturday that only four of the aircraft's eight doors and emergency exits were used to escape the burning jetliner.

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — Canada is developing its own version of a no-fly list in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks and make air travel safer, the federal transport minister said Friday.


BEIJING — Envoys at deadlocked North Korean nuclear talks met again Sunday in a final effort to produce a joint statement meant to guide future negotiations, but talks could be suspended if no agreement is reached, the Chinese government said today.

SHANGHAI — Typhoon Matsa slammed into the coast southeast of China's biggest city on Saturday, killing at least one person and knocking down street signs and buildings. Authorities evacuated more than 1 million people.


BOGOTA — Colombia is demanding that Ireland hand over three Irish Republican Army-linked fugitives convicted of supporting terrorism in this South American country. The trio unexpectedly turned up in Ireland after eight months on the run.


CAIRO — Dozens of Egyptians lined up last week to apply to run for president in the Sept. 7 elections — movie extras, technicians, retired government employees, drivers and even a convicted assassin of former President Anwar Sadat. All were rejected.


PARIS — Fire broke out in a Paris Metro train Saturday, spreading to a second train and injuring 12 people before it was extinguished, officials said. Paris subway officials said the fire may have been caused by a short circuit in one of the cars.


NEW DELHI — India's prime minister on Friday took charge of a nationwide program to save the endangered Bengal tiger, the national animal that experts say is threatened by poachers and angry villagers.


JAKARTA — Indonesia's Supreme Court rejected a militant cleric's appeal to overturn a 30-month prison sentence for his role in the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings, a court official said Saturday.


TEHRAN — Iranian leaders rejected a European proposal designed to calm Western fears their nuclear program could be used to develop weapons, saying Saturday the offer failed to recognize Iran's right to enrich uranium for peaceful uses.

TEHRAN — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was sworn in as Iran's president on Saturday, saying he wants peaceful relations with the world but rejecting outside pressure to change course — an apparent reference to Tehran's nuclear standoff with the West.


DUBLIN — Ireland's government and Sinn Fein, the Irish Republican Army-linked party, denied Saturday they had struck a secret deal to permit three fugitives from Colombia to return home.


JERUSALEM — Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said Saturday he would consider holding Jewish extremists bent on derailing Israel's upcoming Gaza Strip withdrawal without charge or trial, after a Jewish army deserter opposed to the pullout shot four Israeli Arabs to death.


LAHORE — An Islamic militant accused of arranging an initial meeting between a slain Wall Street Journal reporter and his kidnappers has confessed to working with high-level al-Qaida operatives, police said Saturday.