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Home-schooling cheats kids

My sympathies go to the Provo family considering home-schooling their children because of negative socialization within the public school setting (Readers' Forum, Aug. 29). No one wants to endure the wedgies, vulgar language, teasing and other cruel acts inflicted by school bullies. Growing up in "Happy Valley" did not protect me from the boy who threw me against the wall in second grade, the mean girls who ostracized me in 5th grade and the boys who sexually harassed me in 8th grade. That said, the world beyond school is no more lenient. I am grateful my wise parents instilled within me the confidence to tough it out in school, to grow stronger from these experiences and thrive. The pleasant memories and lessons I learned in school far outweigh the bad. Home-schooling has its advantages, but allowing school-age children temporarily to avoid the challenges of interacting with their peers does not adequately prepare them for life in society.

Amy Moore