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Hispanics good neighbors

As we returned from a wonderful Labor Day outing, my Isuzu Trooper overheated and died just north of Nephi. For five hours my wife and daughter were stranded there. I used the cell to call a son who came and then went looking for a heater hose that had burst, so I could make repairs and be on my way. Of course, because it was Labor Day, every place that might have had the part was closed. Throughout the five hours scores of trucks, cars, travel trailers, etc., sped by. Only one person stopped or even slowed to see if assistance was needed, although my hood was up and I had my emergency blinkers on until the battery died. This one person was a Hispanic gentleman who stopped and worked with me for four hours while his son sat in his own pickup. We tried to make a spare hose he had work, and he even went looking for a hose himself. As I think of the debate regarding immigration, I would hope we keep in mind the kind of people represented by this Hispanic American. From my experience, he is typical of the Hispanic immigrants living in Utah.

Kim Langton, CEO

Centro De La Familia

Salt Lake City