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Itty Bitty Salt Lake City

Once again we invite the intrepid and observant among you to solve our Itty Bitty Salt Lake City contest. The contest, our 13th annual, provides tiny clues for big prizes.

Your job: Find and identify the larger versions of the itty bitty items pictured here — fragments of signs, statues, building facades and other landmarks in a 20-block area of downtown Salt Lake City.

Grand prize is a $2,000 six-month CD at Zions Bank.

Second prize is a night's stay for two at the Peery Hotel and a $50 gift certificate for Christopher's Seafood & Steakhouse.

Third prize is four Utah Symphony tickets and two $30 gift certificates to any Gastronomy restaurant.

Fourth prize is two tickets to a Jazz suite and a $50 FANZZ gift certificate.

Fifth prize is a gift pack for four to the Living Planet Aquarium and $20 in Muscle Beach Lemonade certificates.

The rules:

1. Match the Itty Bitty clues with the real thing. All items can be found in the downtown area bordered by South Temple and 400 South, 200 West and 300 East, including both sides of all boundary streets and midblock public walkways. Everything pictured here can be seen from the outside but not necessarily from the road. You will need to get out of your car.

2. We hope the items pictured here have not been removed, erased, bulldozed or painted over by the time you go out looking for them. We have tried to accurately reproduce the colors of the actual items, but the vagaries of the printing process, as well as the time of day the pictures were taken (compared to when you view them) may result in clues that aren't 100 percent accurate. We apologize in advance for any frustration and blisters this may cause.

3. Identify the exact location of each clue (street address, name of park or building, etc.)

4. Include your name, address, daytime phone number and/or e-mail address.


Itty Bitty Salt Lake City

Deseret Morning News

P.O. Box 1257

Salt Lake City, UT 84110

6. Entries must be postmarked no later than Monday, Sept. 19, 2005. Winners will be announced in this section on Friday, Sept. 30.

7. If more than one entry correctly identifies all the clues, winners will be chosen in a random drawing.

8. No purchase is necessary. You can obtain extra copies of the contest page at the Deseret Morning News, 30 E. 100 South, 4th floor, during business hours. Clues are also available at

9. Entries may not be submitted in the name of others who did not participate in your search. Employees, agents and correspondents of the Deseret Morning News, the Newspaper Agency Corp., KSL-TV and KSL Radio and their immediate families are not eligible.