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Whatever the goal — reading, working, having fun — summer is time to do it

Craig Holyoak, Deseret Morning News

Goals are essential to our way of life. They are beneficial to our well-being. They uplift our weaknesses and may embellish our strengths. Mainly, they motivate us to accomplish a task that we feel will help us improve.

For adolescents, goals are very important and central to our daily lives, whether we write them down or simply make a mental note.

Henry Ward Beecher once wrote, "The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success."

This week Pulse reporters asked students, "What goals did you set for yourself this summer, and did you achieve them?"

"My goals this summer: I was gonna try to volunteer at a hospital, but unfortunately I didn't get my application stuff on time so I ended up not doing that, but that was OK because I ended up having an incredibly busy summer anyway. I also wanted to read a lot, and I ended up reading "The Da Vinci Code" and the Harry Potter that came out and Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," and those are excellent. And I wanted to hang out with guys, and I ended up doing that, so it was good." — Karlyn Wright, senior, Cottonwood High School

"My goal over the summer was to get in really good shape for my soccer season, because I wanted to make the varsity team again. I tried to go running a lot, do other workouts and go to the gym. I accomplished it pretty well. It was a lot of fun, and I made the team." — Chelsea Winegar, junior, West High School

"I didn't set any specific goals this summer, but I feel good about things that I did accomplish, even if they weren't set goals." — Matt Ellis, junior, Hunter High School

"My goal over the summer was to sleep as much as physically possible. I think I accomplished it." — Heather Lindsay, junior, West

"My goal was to get a job, any job, and I did. I was proud of myself. I work at Hollywood Connection at the movie theater. It's fun." — Kaitlin Carter, junior, Cottonwood

"My goal was to become a better guitarist. My favorite songs I learned to play are 'Better Together' and 'No Other Way.' I did all right in going after my goal." — Chase Nelson, senior, West

"I was gonna write my story. I was gonna do stained glass. I was gonna clean my room. Did I accomplish them? I wrote a little bit of my story, did not finish it. I did not do any stained glass. And I did clean my room once but it's messy again — but it's not gonna get clean. Not during school. Never. Never." — Ariel Ross, senior, Cottonwood

"This summer my goal was to learn German well, and I did. I went at the beginning of the summer to Germany as an exchange student for five weeks." — Lydia Scruggs, junior, West

"I am the captain of the Hunter High cheerleading squad, so my goal this past summer was to prepare our squad for the upcoming year. I do think we accomplished it, but we all helped to achieve it, because we are obviously the best!" — Sunny Chour, senior, Hunter

"My goal was to organize myself. Summertime is the one time where you can actually sit down, think, relax and get to know yourself." — Sam McConnell, sophomore, West

"One of my goals was to learn more about what I'm gonna do when I graduate from college. I got an internship up at the U., where I was working with their public affairs, and it was awesome just to be up there and watching people in the writing business and figuring out what it's like." — Rachel Giddings, senior, Cottonwood

Marcus Titcomb is a junior at Hillcrest High School, Marissa Brown is a junior at West High School, Jessica Sims is a junior at Cottonwood High School and Brooke Sylvester is a junior at Hunter High School. All are members of the Deseret Morning News Pulse team of high school writers. If you are a Utah high school student and have a topic you would like to see covered, please e-mail or write to Susan Whitney at the Deseret Morning News.