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Job Corps changed my life

My name is Natasha Koncar and I am a graduate of Clearfield Job Corps Center, Class of July 2005. Before I came to Job Corps I was a high school dropout. I always thought that work was more important than education. That's why I could never hold a job for more than six months. The truth of the matter is education is work.

My experience at Job Cops was life-changing. The program and staff taught me about goal-setting, employability skills, affirmations, skills to help me in my career, and mostly self-confidence. All these things add up and make a world of difference.

I am now out in the working world and find myself using all the things I learned. I am also enrolled full time in my local college. Job Corps made a difference in my life.

Natasha M. Koncar

Clearfield Job Corps graduate

Colorado Springs