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Bite your tongues, BYU fans

I enjoyed the special section on BYU football (Aug. 31). The humorous commentary "Diagnosing Cougar fan's ailments" by Scott Taylor identified several symbolic symptoms of fans that have endured three losing seasons and offered a diagnosis on the cause of each.

While the article made me smile, canker sores were misdiagnosed. The suggestion that they are probably from Cougar fans biting their tongues too much is laughable. That diagnosis may apply to some fans, but for many others the cankers are really from wagging their tongues too much with criticism. The loud boos at the first game for the rookie coach demonstrated that these cankered fans have picked up where they left off last year.

Medicine for canker sores is bitter. The antidote for each of these fans is to bite their tongues.

Kevin Luke

West Jordan