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VA care is excellent

I cannot help but respond to the "My View" (Sept. 3) by Joseph L. Puente. Although I am a veteran of World War II, I hadn't used the facilities of the VA since early after my discharge, because I had been financially able to take care of myself. Hence, when I needed some help after our income was reduced to little more than Social Security, I, too, was not part of the system. My experience, with one exception, has been nothing but great. Becoming part of the system amounted to presenting my honorable discharge certificate and a current income statement so that I would be charged commensurate with that income.

I have received the best of care. Visits are regularly scheduled, as are special visits when necessary. They have every bit of information regarding my medical history at their fingertips, and they very promptly make any necessary adjustments.

I prefer the care given by the VA to the care I was receiving from my private physician, before I became "part of the system."

Robert R. Scott

Salt Lake City