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Man arrested in theft, resale of test-drive car

One man was arrested and police were looking for a second after a car was stolen from a dealership lot and sold to a second person in just a matter of hours.

A man asked to test-drive a car from Mark Miller Pontiac, 3535 S. State, on Saturday and didn't return the vehicle, said South Salt Lake police Capt. Chris Snyder.

The car was equipped with an OnStar tracking device, however, and in less than four hours officers were able to locate the car in Midvale, Snyder said.

At the wheel, however, was a different man than the one who took it for a test drive. The driver of the vehicle said he had just bought the car from a man for $100, Snyder said.

The man told police he knew it was stolen and planned to strip it down for parts before abandoning it, he said. The second man also had a warrant out for his arrest from the U.S. marshal on an unrelated charge.