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UVSC to start online 'Clothesline Project'

OREM — The Equity Center at Utah Valley State College has announced an online "Clothesline Project" that will be accessible at any time.

The Clothesline Project, established in 1990, is a display of T-shirts created by victims of domestic violence. Its aim is to increase action to stop violence.

The project features T-shirts made by survivors of rape, incest or emotional abuse. T-shirts on display also were made by people who have been attacked or abused because of a disability or sexual orientation.

In addition, the center will also co-sponsor a permanent Clothesline Project at Lightning Peak, a facility that treats teenagers who have been referred by juvenile court.

These displays are in addition to UVSC's Clothesline Project displayed every October and April in the UVSC Courtyard.

To view, visit Call 370-0503. to schedule a tour at Lightning Peak.