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Utah Lions clubs joining hurricane relief efforts

Utah Lions members and clubs are joining global efforts to raise funding for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Utah Lions Council Chairman Bill Barton said Lions here are hoping to raise up to $10,000, which will go to Lions clubs and districts in affected areas.

"They're trying to gather together and organize so they can do projects at the community level," Barton said.

Lions Clubs International recently announced a $200,000 major catastrophe grant and three $10,000 emergency grants to help Lions districts in the most affected areas of Louisiana.

Short-term relief efforts are targeted at providing shelter, offering health services, and meeting the needs of Lions camps and facilities housing victims of the disaster.

Lions are assisting at improvised non-Red Cross shelters and are helping out at larger venues, such as a university gym in Shreveport, which is housing about 2,000 people.

To donate, contact your local Lions Club or call Bill Barton at 801-978-3363.