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Hawaiian singer puts own stamp on songs

Pati moved to Provo to be near family, will perform Sept. 23

Singer/songwriter Pati, sitting on his porch in Provo, will make his Utah debut Sept. 23 at the Rock Star Love Bundle Ball in Salt Lake City.
Singer/songwriter Pati, sitting on his porch in Provo, will make his Utah debut Sept. 23 at the Rock Star Love Bundle Ball in Salt Lake City.
Dan Lund, for the Deseret Morning News

Pati loved music as a child.

"I loved rhythm and blues," the Hawaiian-music singer/songwriter told the Deseret Morning News. "I listened to a lot of Spinners, Temptations, the Four Tops and Teddy Pendergrass."

The love of music got the singer/songwriter into the Hawaiian-music scene when he lived on the Islands throughout his youth and teens. "I was more interested in doing a cappella stuff when it came to my own music," said Pati, who was born Patrick Soi. "And since I grew up in Hawaii, the Hawaiian-music scene had a lot of other styles that got my interest. That's how I got into reggae. It was the island music that had bits of reggae that captured my mind."

Back in 2000, Pati found himself making his own music. "I would take songs and put my own flip on them." Aaron Neville's "Tell It Like It Is" and the Manhattans' "Kiss and Say Goodbye" were ripe for Pati to put his own stamp on them. Those songs are featured on Pati's albums "Think of Me" and "Nesian," respectively. Another song he's revamped is Maxi Priest's "Pretty Little Girl."

Pati released "Nesian" in 2000 and "Think of Me" in 2003. And he found himself riding the wave of success with the hit "Island Girls," which found its way to airwaves as far away as Japan.

"I really never wanted to make money playing my music," said Soi. "I wanted to sing. That's all I wanted to do."

A year ago, Pati moved to Provo. "I wanted to be here with my family. My brothers, Brian and Justin, play football for Utah State University. And the rest of my family lives in Utah.

"I love this place and want to make this my home base. I will continue making music and playing places."

Soi will make his Utah debut with the Rock Star Love Bundle Ball that will be held Sept. 23. The event is the brainchild of Love Bundle owner Andrew Oman and Rock Star Retro Limo owner Sam Salisbury.

"Through our businesses, we made some contacts with people who wanted to relive their prom events," Salisbury said. "They wanted an event that they could get together and hear some good music and dance. I had met Andrew a few months ago and we started planning."

"We had ideas all over the place," said Oman. "But we knew we wanted to have an event that was fun and safe. And this is what we came up with."

In addition to Pati's live sets, the ball will include games, contests and food. "I'm looking forward to playing here," said Pati. "I love making music and I love to make people happy. And, if you listen to my songs, they are uplifting and fun."

While playing live and making albums is something Pati loves (his new album, "Redemption," will be released in November), he has also opened for some of his idols. "I opened for the late Luther Vandross at the House of Blues in California, and I've opened for Stephen Marley and the Bob Marley family. Those were amazing experiences."

Pati has also toured throughout Australia, New Zealand and Japan. "One thing I want to do with my music is to show people that I'm a good person.

"A lot of times the first impression of me is one of intimidation. I'm Samoan and people tell me that I can be intimidating. But I want people to see through that and see that I love playing quality music and making people happy."

If you go ...

What: Rock Star Love Bundle Ball, featuring Pati

Where: Wells Fargo Building, floor 23, 443 S. 600 East

When: Sept. 23, 8 p.m.

How much: $15 per person, $25 per couple

Phone: 463-4263