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Enough of 'rich' stereotype

In response to Thomas Jackson's letter titled "East looks down on west side" (Readers' Forum, Sept. 11), enough already of the prejudice. I was raised with eight siblings in a tiny 1,200-square-foot home. Because I attended Skyline High I was stereotyped as a "rich snob." Most of my friends and neighbors on the "east side" are hard-working people who have made huge sacrifices to live in humble homes because they choose to live where they live. Mr. Jackson chooses to live where he does.

Parents have continually picked up the slack for a district that favors the west side. The Skyline network has had no new schools built since the early 1960s, and only one new school has been built in the Olympus network. Fire and seismic issues are huge concerns. All children, regardless of where they live, should be assured that their schools are safe.

Carol Morris-Knight

Salt Lake City