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World datelines


LONDON — Police searched a home and two stores Friday in Leeds, the northern England city where three of the four suicide bombers in the July 7 attacks lived, as Prime Minister Tony Blair defended his anti-terrorism efforts against criticism from human rights and civil-liberties activists.


PARIS — Paris police evicted squatters from a dilapidated, rat-infested building Friday, part of a new high-profile fire-safety campaign that critics say is politically motivated.

PARIS — France on Friday banned Cameroon Airlines flights for safety reasons, saying inspectors found worn tires on planes, leaks of hydraulic fluid and other violations of international standards. Checks were conducted in May, July and August, and "each time there were anomalies," said French civil aviation authority spokeswoman Edith Tartry.


Premier Hans Enoksen called early elections after Greenland's governing coalition collapsed after a scandal over the misuse of public funds forced two Cabinet members to quit.


ROME — Police have captured a reputed mob boss involved in a Naples turf war that claimed more than 50 lives, dealing a serious blow to organized crime in Italy, officials said Friday. Paolo Di Lauro, 52, an alleged leader of the Camorra crime syndicate, was arrested overnight in Secondigliano.


TOKYO — Smoke was detected in the cabin of a United Airlines flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles on Friday, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Tokyo, an official said. No injuries were reported.


BEIRUT — A powerful bomb exploded in a Christian neighborhood of eastern Beirut late Friday, killing at least one person and wounding seven in the latest in a series of blasts in the capital, officials said.


VILNIUS — Lithuania on Friday refused Moscow's requests to hand over a Russian pilot whose fighter jet crashed in the NATO member's territory after violating its airspace, saying it must first complete an investigation.


MEXICO CITY — The Volcano of Fire in western Mexico blasted ash and gas three miles high Friday, with an explosion that was heard in villages 10 miles from the crater, local officials said. No injuries were reported.


KATMANDU — Armed forces in Nepal routinely torture Maoist rebels to extract confessions or information, and there is evidence the rebels abuse civilians who refuse to join their ranks, a top U.N. investigator said Friday.

New Zealand

WELLINGTON — New Zealanders went to the polls Saturday in an election that could redefine the country's policy on nuclear weapons and its relationship with the United States. National Party leader Don Brash, a 64-year-old economist and former central bank governor, has said he would be prepared to dismantle New Zealand's 20-year-old nuclear-free laws to help prepare the way for a free-trade deal with Washington — although he first would seek approval for the move in a referendum.


GUDERMES — Mike Tyson opened a boxing tournament in Chechnya, becoming the first international celebrity to visit the war-ravaged Russian republic. The former world heavyweight champion traveled to the eastern city of Gudermes Thursday as a guest of honor at the all-Russian tournament, held in memory of assassinated Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov.


KIEV — Ukraine marked the fifth anniversary Friday of the unsolved murder of journalist Heorhiy Gongadze, whose abduction and beheading sparked the biggest scandal of former President Leonid Kuchma's rule.


Zimbabwe's embattled and isolated President Robert Mugabe said Friday that his government will take a stake in privately operated mining enterprises in the mineral-rich southern African nation, but he does not intend to nationalize the industry as he has commercial farmland.