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Knights wake up, pull away in 2nd half

HIGHLAND — It took until halftime for the Lone Peak football team to decide it didn't want to disappoint its fans at homecoming. But as soon as the whistle sounded for the second half to begin, the Knights looked as they have most of the season and took out Spanish Fork 27-7 in the first region game of the year for both teams.

The Knights ran their record to 4-1, and the Dons dropped to 3-2 overall.

The Lone Peak defense stopped a great Spanish Fork attack throughout the entire second half, hiccuping only once when it allowed the Dons inside the 10-yard line late in the fourth quarter. But with a sack and a couple of incomplete passes, the Dons turned it over on downs and watched Lone Peak walk away with the victory.

Lone Peak took the lead for good at 14-7 when Billy Burgess ran in for his second touchdown of the game after spinning to avoid a tackle at the 26-yard line. Zed Mendenhall added a little cushion on a five yard run of his own with seven minutes to go in the game.

After Spanish Fork's crash into the Knights' red-zone defense, Johnny Schumacher added the one-yard run with a minute to go to give Lone Peak its final score.

A short, quick passing game by the Spanish Fork offense tore apart the vaunted Lone Peak defense for a couple of long drives in the first half. But just before the teams went into the locker rooms, it was a defensive play that saved the Knights a seven-point deficit.

With only 20 seconds left before the buzzer, Parker Tycksen picked up his second interception in as many games on the Lone Peak goal line to dig the Knights out of the early trouble.

Lone Peak scored early in the first quarter to secure the initial seven-point lead as Burgess ran the ball in from four yards out with four minutes to go on just the second drive of the game. The score came just after the most spectacular catch of the game as Rhen Brown reached back and soared to pick the ball out of the air for a 22-yard gain at the 10-yard line.

The Knights controlled the ball for much of the first quarter, but that changed as the teams switched ends of the field.

The Dons figured out how to beat the Lone Peak defense and ripped it to shreds with short passes until Griff Robles connected with Taft Morely for a 22-yard reception of their own and the tying touchdown.

But it was the Knights shooting off fireworks with their first victory in Region 4.