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Church response to date

About 4,000 LDS volunteers assisted in cleanup efforts the weekend of Sept. 9-11. That number is expected each week for the next three to eight weekends, depending on need.

More than 73,000 hours have been donated so far by Church volunteers.

As of Sept. 13, 140 truckloads of food, water, clothing, fuel, generators, tents, tarps and other emergency supplies have been made to support local Church-operated food pantries and supplement limited community resources.

Other humanitarian service provided by the Church and members includes:

Church-operated food pantries, called bishops' storehouses, throughout the affected areas are providing food to those in need from inventories pre-positioned prior to the hurricane.

Supplies and volunteer assistance are being provided for evacuees in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

Temporary emergency shelters are operating in local meetinghouses to care for displaced individuals and families.

Trained social workers from LDS Family Services from Salt Lake City are providing trauma and grief counseling.

The Church is working with relief agencies and government officials to provide the kinds of assistance that will be most helpful.