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Another tax-rate proposal

Any flat tax proposal is unfair if it does not provide an adequate amount of dollars for the cost of living. All of the proposals I've seen are not fair to the middle class, so I am offering this proposal: Every household gets a $50,000 per year exemption with an additional $1,000 for each dependent. The sales tax on home-prepared food will be eliminated. There will be no deductions for anything. Household income above $50,000 will be considered surplus income and will be flat-taxed at a year-to-year floating rate between 10 percent to 90 percent, depending upon how much money it costs to run the government. This arrangement barely provides enough dollars for a decent standard of living for every household. It also encourages wealthy politicians and their wealthy friends to streamline government operations so they can keep $900,000 out of every million dollars they rake in.

Wallace L. Haynes

West Valley City