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Lots of Martha Stewarts will be on hand at show

Martha Stewart, meet Martha Stewart. You have things in common.

Martha Stewart of nearby Effingham is heading to New York City to be part of an audience full of people bearing that same name Tuesday for domestic diva Martha Stewart's talk show, "Martha."

To be part of the crowd, the South Carolina Stewart had to describe how sharing the name has affected her life.

"Well, this one's a little embarrassing, but I had gotten a traffic citation while Martha was in jail," she said. "When I went to my court date, I prayed that they wouldn't call my name out too loud or that they'd wait to call me last because there were a lot of people there.

"When the judge called my name, everyone started cheering and hollering. The judge said, 'Come on up here, Cupcake.' Apparently, that's what the inmates called Martha while she was in prison."