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Regents, state school board create an alliance

LOGAN — The State Board of Regents, public higher education's governing board, adopted a resolution Friday that creates a kindergarten-through-college alliance with the state Board of Education, which is expected to vote on the resolution at its next meeting.

The alliance aims are to address mutual issues such as teacher shortages, minorities and diversity in education. The two governing bodies would jointly provide a means to help students prepare better for college by making clear the expectations for a successful college career.

Concurrent enrollment, advanced placement and dual enrollment/early college will be considered as ways to improve early access to college.

"The evidence is overwhelming that our two systems must work together if we are to resolve some of the most critical educational issues facing students, families and our state," Commissioner of Higher Education Richard Kendell wrote in a letter to Patti Harrington, superintendent of public instruction.

Regent Bonnie Jean Beesley said adoption of the resolution follows a national trend of the two public education systems coming together, calling it a very important process.

An alliance of members from each board and staff from each system would be expected to meet twice each year to identify priorities and advance objectives of the group's agenda.