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Illness sends Yellow Jacket QB to hospital

ATLANTA — Georgia Tech quarterback Reggie Ball was hospitalized Saturday after becoming ill and missing the Yellow Jackets' 28-13 victory over Connecticut.

School spokeswoman Allison George said Ball began feeling sick Friday and was taken to Emory University Hospital for tests a few hours before the game. She did not know the nature of his illness and said he was being kept at the hospital overnight.

Coach Chan Gailey was vague about Ball's condition after the game.

"He got sick a little bit late in the week," Gailey said. "It got bad last night."

Last Saturday, Ball threw for a career-best 320 yards, accounting for all three touchdowns in a 27-21 victory over North Carolina. The junior had started every game of his college career, 27 in a row, before his illness.

Redshirt freshman Taylor Bennett started for the No. 16 Yellow Jackets on Saturday, throwing a 42-yard touchdown on his first college pass to Calvin Johnson.

Bennett was shaky the rest of the night, completing 11-of-30 for 142 yards, but didn't make any major mistakes.

Shortly before the game, Bennett got a message from Ball relayed through a trainer: "Protect the ball. Be patient. Play smart."

Bennett, who rooms with Ball, said the starter was up Friday night, complaining of headaches and constantly asking for water. Running back P.J. Daniels said the illness was "kind of like the flu or something." Gailey would only say that Ball was suffering "from symptoms."

Adding to the mystery, the hospital that school officials said was treating Ball didn't even list him as a patient. Asked if he was going to the hospital, Gailey said, "He is not taking visitors."

The Yellow Jackets (3-0) have a crucial game next weekend at No. 4 Virginia Tech, but they aren't sure if Ball will be able to play.

"I don't know," Gailey said. "I'll be able to tell you more in the next two days when I get more information."

Daniels sounded a bit more optimistic.

"If at all possible, I know Reggie will be there," the running back said. "He will fight hard. He's not going to let anything hold him down."