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Nuclear family best for society

Robert A. Jones, founder and president of Gay RMs, calls the nuclear family "mythical" and admonishes us to support families other than the traditional family.

Mythical is a word used to describe Peter Pan, Hobbits, dragons and other things "imaginary, fictitious or not based on facts or scientific study" (Webster's Dictionary).

It may surprise Mr. Jones that the Brookings Institution and the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University recently released a review of marriage research showing the benefits of the nuclear family on society (Deseret Morning News, Sept. 13). Much of history has examples of the nuclear family, its benefits to society and what happens to societies which deny and even destroy the nuclear family.

Stanley Kurtz of the Weekly Standard states, "Marriage in Scandinavia is in deep decline, with children shouldering the burden of rising rates of family dissolution." Gay marriage is cited as the reason for this.

From Adam and Eve, the nuclear family has been the cornerstone for healthy societies. Current science may argue the point back and forth, but history shows that traditional marriage protects society while homosexual marriage destroys it. That's no myth.

Derek Schwebach