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Cause for monument not issue

Whatever controversy exists about the "Celebration of Life Monument" on Library Square has nothing to do with the monument's purpose — to honor and encourage life-saving organ donors. This is a laudable cause. I myself registered as a potential organ donor several years ago and join in honoring those who have made donations to help others. The concerns I and others on the City Council have raised are focused on how it was that the city administration signed a work order to complete construction of the project before the money to build it was in hand. Hopefully an independent audit will bring to light what went wrong procedurally so this kind of foul-up might be prevented in the future.

Further, the administration kept the financial implications secret from the council until the eve of a newspaper story was about to bring to light the fact that the city could be obligated to pay a bill of several hundred thousand dollars if private fund raising falls short. This is not the kind of approach that builds trust and confidence. The actions by Mayor Anderson and his administration put this very worthy effort into controversy. All of this could have been avoided. It would be irresponsible for the City Council to look the other way over these financial irregularities because we support the moniment's goal and purposes.

Dave Buhler

council member

District 6

Salt Lake City