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Cougs hoping offense in place

PROVO — BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae 's work to install a different offense in Cougartown requires a certain mindset. He believes the installation is close.

The mindset isn't necessarily a killer instinct, or a winning attitude, or an automatic or robotic execution — although it's elements of all of them.

"I think a mindset is a collective challenge and is demonstrated with how your start, how you come out of a half and how you start or finish a drive," Anae said.

He wants BYU to display that collective football orchestration as a squad when the Cougars host Texas Christian on Saturday in LaVell Edwards Stadium. BYU worked on it during a bye week leading up to a weekend off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"That's what we're looking for, it's a group or collective mindset. It doesn't show itself when you have nine or 10 guys doing what they should and one guy who is not. That shows there is not a mindset to collectively run on all cylinders."

TCU (2-1) is fresh off an overtime win over Utah, 23-20 in Fort. Worth, Texas. The Cougars used the past week to heal up offensive linemen, tight end Jonny Harline and corners Kayle Buchannan and Chris Hale.

The mindset also involves imposing your will on the opponent, which TCU did very well in wins over Oklahoma and the Utes.

"Football is a test of will," Anae said. "No doubt about it. It's a collective will because there are 11 guys on the field. Although one individual may have more will than maybe one individual on the other side, in my opinion, if you have more collective will on your side, you score and they don't and you execute and they don't, especially in the conference with all the parity going on.

"Collective will may be the difference in winning a conference championship. If you have it, you win."

Anae believes his "collective will" theory definitely produces it's own energy on a team. Could it be like George Lucus' "Force" in his famed science fiction movies?

"No doubt about it. Absolutely. I don't know how to describe it. But those of us who have been on those teams before, you know when you are good and when you can get something done, you know when you need to get a first down, get a turnover or a blocked punt and score and you just go out and do it," Anae said.

This past week, Anae has worked hard in getting players to support and back one another, cheer for teammates making plays and helping those who may struggle. It was on display during practices last week vocally during drills.

"We're headed in the right direction. Obviously, it will bear itself out as the season progresses. I'm encouraged and I'm looking forward to developing an even stronger collective will as we're speaking about group mentality," Anae said.

The Cougars will need all the group closeness, chemistry, group chants, bonfires, group hugs and collective energy they can muster Saturday against the Frogs. At times, TCU, a MWC newcomer, has shown a brand of "collective mindset" of its own in wins at Norman, Okla., and against Utah last Thursday night on national TV at home.

MWC opener

TCU (2-1, 1-0) at

BYU (1-1, 0-0)

Saturday, 1 p.m.

TV: KJZZ, Ch. 14

Radio: KSL 1160AM