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New cultural center in Am. Fork scrapped

AMERICAN FORK — Plans for a $1.6 million cultural center have been scrapped in favor of converting part of the historic City Hall into a performance venue.

The performance hall will seat 115 people and would be used for city meetings, recitals, performances and speech contests.

"We are trying to hit multiple uses. Hopefully that will help the Arts Council program continue to grow," said Melanie Marsh, city chief of staff.

The saved money also will allow more renovation of the existing City Hall structure, including a new bell tower with a replica of the bell that hung at the beginning of the buildings' 100-year use.

Architects also estimate there will be funds to recreate the historic pressed metal ceiling on the second floor of the building.

Wood frames for the building's historic windows will also be refurbished.

The city plans to begin work by October.