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Obituary: Chelsea Eskelson Patterson

Chelsea Eskelson Patterson Happy 21st Birthday Baby Girl! What a perfect gift you were to all of us! Our tears have filled buckets, our ache could bend the strongest steel, but our love for you will live throughout eternity. The lives and hearts your little spirit touched in your short time with us cannot be measured! You impacted thousands of lives. We know we will see your beautiful face and hold you in our arms again! Until that day, our wonderful, beautiful memories of our lives with you will have to sustain us. Thank you for giving us so many! Our family would like to ask everyone who reads this to "Hold your loved ones close, every minute of everyday, tell them they are loved everyday and when our little girl crosses your mind, do something to help someone else!" We will live the rest of our lives, until we are able to hold you in our arms, doing things that will make you proud. XOXOXO Your Papa, Mom, Joshy, Jessi, Brian, Christa, Baby Bella, Harv, Jean and countless others who loved you wish you a Happy Birthday!