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Pledge foe is simply a fraud

Michael Newdow ("Pledge is illegal, U.S. judge rules," Deseret Morning News, Sept. 15) styles himself a minister. Find out how you can be ordained a minister by the same authority, online and for free.

Michael Newdow styles himself a doctor. See a copy of his worthless diploma at his own Web site. You can buy a degree similar to his for just a few dollars.

Michael Newdow claims he is protecting his daughter from an imposition of religion. Yet he never married his daughter's mother, and he does not have custody of his daughter nor control over her religious upbringing.

Michael Newdow should be grateful that only in a Christian nation such as this would he even be given a forum.

Michael Newdow is nothing but a fraud attempting to impose his own religion upon an entire nation. The ignorance and intellectual laziness of the 9th Circuit Court, the people of this nation and especially of the news media make them complicit in this scam.

Blaine Nay

Cedar City