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Hikers' lawyers abuse rights

I must respond to David E. Jensen's diatribe against OHV riders (Readers' Forum, Sept. 17). I own an OHV, but I didn't buy it until I retired. I also have a partially paralyzed foot that makes hiking difficult, though not impossible. While it may be true that the majority of OHV riders are able-bodied young males, it's also true that most shoppers are able-bodied, but everyone parks as close to the store as they can get and we provide handicap spaces for those not able-bodied.

The problem isn't young able-bodied males and their OHVs; the problem is people with no consideration for others. Are the real bullies on the playground the "abusers of the public domain . . . with their noxious toys" or hikers and their lawyers who want to keep the "public" domain all for themselves?

George Hawkins