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2 arrested in Tooele attack

West Bountiful police have arrested two white supremacists who are believed to have beaten and stabbed a convenience store owner in Tooele.

On Sept. 9, Nerendra Narkar, 40, of Salt Lake City, had closed the Quality Quik Stop and was walking to his car after midnight when he was attacked by four men, said Tooele Police Lt. Craig Wexels.

Two of the men had baseball bats and hit him repeatedly. As Narkar tried to get away, one of the men stabbed him once in the right side. Narkar fled to a nearby business where he was helped and police were summoned, while the attackers ran away, Wexels said.

It appeared to be a robbery gone wrong.

Narkar had the night's deposits with him, but the attackers either didn't find or didn't want the money.

Narkar was flown to University Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery. He is recovering at his home, Wexels said.

Two of the attackers were arrested shortly afterward and implicated the other two, he said. Warrants were issued for their arrests after Narkar identified one of the men, who had been a customer at the store.

An anonymous call to West Bountiful police helped investigators locate Aaron Thor Segelson, 27, and Michael S. Polk, 23.

Early Sunday, said West Bountiful Police Chief Mike Wright, officers arrested two men.

Their car, which was stolen, had broken down near I-215 and Redwood Road, and they walked to the house, Wright said. The men are acquainted with one of the home's residents, who wasn't there at the time.

Four officers with guns drawn approached the men, and they were arrested without incident, Wright said.

Segelson was booked into the Davis County Jail on $600,000 in warrants relating to the attack. Polk was booked on $500,000 in warrants.