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Judge declares mistrial in Gotti racketeering case

NEW YORK (AP) — The judge in the John A. "Junior" Gotti racketeering case declared a mistrial on the most serious charges Tuesday and said she would likely grant bail to the jailed scion of the Gambino organized crime family.

After eight days of deliberations, jurors said they were hopelessly deadlocked on all but one count. They acquitted Gotti, 41, of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. That verdict will stand if there is a retrial.

U.S. District Judge Shira Scheindlin declared a mistrial on the remaining counts, which included an allegation that Gotti plotted the kidnapping of Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels crime-fighting group.

Notations on a verdict sheet filled out by the 12 jurors showed they had deadlocked at 11-1 in favor of convicting Gotti on extortion and racketeering charges. The sheet also showed 10 jurors thought the government had proved he was a conspirator in the Sliwa scheme.

Prosecutors told the judge that they would seek to retry Gotti, the son of the late mob boss John Gotti.