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News' request granted for canyon party data

PROVO — The Utah County Attorney's Office and The Deseret Morning News came to an agreement Tuesday morning that will provide the newspaper with information involving the breakup of two alleged rave parties in Spanish Fork Canyon.

The agreement came as the News met with the Utah County Commission to appeal the attorney's office denial of a request for government records made in early September. The newspaper asked for copies of reports related to the July and August incidents.

After clarifying the difference between "police reports" and "initial-contact reports" — one is the lengthy summation of all investigative proceedings while the initial report is a shorter list of what happened — the county attorney's office agreed to provide information about those already arrested and charged in connection with police actions.

According to Utah State Code, initial-contact reports must contain the date, time and location of the incident, the nature of the offense, the actions of responding officials, as well as the names of individuals arrested or charged.

A short initial-contact report was provided to the News by the county attorney's office. However, additional information about the breakup was initially denied because the record was classified by the county as a protected document.

The Deseret Morning News filed a written appeal and appeared before the commission Tuesday to present its arguments.

Even with the agreement, the three-member County Commission will issue a formal opinion within five days.