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History of Forest Service

Creative Act of 1891 passed to protect water quality and the quantity on forest reserves

By 1897, 40 million acres are in reserve

Organic Act of 1897 mandates protection of the forest, water flows and continuous supply of timber

1905 President Theodore Roosevelt transferred 75 million in reserve acreage to the Bureau of Forestry

Gifford Pinchot renames Bureau of Forestry the Forest Service, reserves become national forests

Weeks Act on 1911 allows government purchase of private land

In 1954, the government purchased millions of acres of unprofitable farmlands to manage as national grasslands

By 1980, more than 22 million acres has been added to the National Forest System

In 1999, Forest Service launches a series of collaborations to restore large watersheds, issues unified federal management policy

Today, 60 million depend on forests and grasslands for drinking water; the Forest Service manages 191 million acres of public land

Source: U.S. Forest Service