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Hotel occupancy rates rise compared to August 2004

Average hotel occupancy and room rates for Salt Lake City and Utah as a whole rose again last month, according to the latest Rocky Mountain Lodging Report.

The report, compiled in cooperation with the Utah Hotel & Lodging Association, showed an occupancy rate of 75.8 percent for the state's hotels in August, compared to 70.5 percent in the same month last year. The average room rate hit $77.17, compared to $72.74 in the same month of 2004.

Salt Lake City hotels had an average occupancy percentage of 78.9 percent last month, compared to 71.2 percent in August 2004. Room rates hit $80.50 in the city last month.

Utah County hotels reported the highest occupancy rate in August, at 85.5 percent, while the highest average room rate was $89.68 in downtown and east Salt Lake City.